The Aftermath of the 2015 Election

The 7th of May 2015 bought the general election, the first one that I've been heavily involved in. I was only just getting into politics; and all I really remember is watching some of the votes being counted.

Seeing the uproar on social media, I presumed we'd end up with Labour - possibly with an SNP coalition, if Mr. Miliband would accept it. All I prayed was that it wasn't fully Conservative, and that a certain party didn't get in.

One of those wishes came true, at least.

I watched the Election broadcasting till about half eleven before forcing myself to sleep; then woke up again at five am to watch more. When I left for school, it was still as the exit poll predicted - Labour and Conservative neck and neck, with a lot of new SNP MPs.

By ten o'clock, my friend told me that it was beginning to become clear that we were soon to be under a full Conservative government. We prayed, though. But by lunchtime? We knew.

And with that came twitter uproar and a sudden sombre mood; for so many knew that they weren't going to have a good few years.

We say the majority voted for Conservative. The majority didn't - but because we aren't a two-party Government, votes for Green and the Lib Dems split the vote and allowed for Mr. Cameron to slip back into Number 10.

I am not a part of the Labour Party. But they would be much better for our country right now.

The fact that our HUMAN RIGHTS, the acts that give us our freedom, may be taken away.
The fact that most of my generation won't be able to go university.
The fact that there will be thousands of deaths if the NHS is privatised; due to suicides because there's no mental health service, and due to general illness because people can't afford it.

I ask you; was that worth the fact that people didn't want to pay a little bit more tax?

There have been protests on the streets of London, but the media won't cover the fact that the police are abusing some of these protesters; they'll only show the rough protesters.

Someone tweeted me, saying "you can vote them out in 2020". That's a long way away. Five years is a long time, and a lot can happen. A lot will happen.

I sincerely worry for our safety as a nation.

I worry because our new justice minister wanted hanging to become legal again.
I worry because our new equalities minister voted against gay marriage.

Labour would not have been perfect. No party would've been.

But surely; better than this Government will be.

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