Mr. Grayling's Holiday and Government's Stupidity

Hi! So, I'm back. This time, it's quite a short one.

Firstly: Mr Grayling appears to have disappeared! In all the commotion of Save UK Justice, all these debates and fights, he seems to have fully disapparated (sorry... bad Harry Potter joke...) from the Media- except in a short to-and-against argument in one paper with Michael Turner QC (I think...).

Is this because he doesn't want anything else to happen? Or is he simply taking a short holiday? I'll be interested to find out what's been going on when he gets back on the press, though! I'm a nosy person like that.

ALSO: This bedroom "tax" thing. People in rented properties have their benefits cut to try and make them move to a smaller home. It's stupid! What if they can't move, been in the house for decades, need extra space for disabled people or a partner who can't share a room? *

In all honesty, I think the Govn. are just desperate for money. They are taking money off everyone for everything, whether through slashing benefits or taking tax. We've seen it before- two words. PASTY TAX. Now THAT was the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

I sat there in my room with the pages on the new budget, including the full page mocking the new "pasty tax". It confuzzled me completely: how were they going to measure how much VAT you pay on your quick sausage roll from Greggs, or that lamb and mint pasty from that local bakery on holiday in Cornwall? (My stepdad had one of those in Cornwall, apparently quite nice. Just saying!) It made me laugh so hard as I imagined a guy in a suit sticking thermometers into something at a bakery everytime it was ordered. I mean, obviously this isn't how it would have worked. But it was a hilarious vision.

That's all for today. Hopefully some more thought-provoking and less stupid posts when I get back home...

*Help from Colin Mardell with this concept

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