The Novelty of Going Into Law

I was recently reading a book, Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher, where the main character's mum wants her to go into law. In many YA (Young Adult) books, a character or their parents want them to go into law. They never specify which bit, or whether a solicitor, barrister, judge, etc, they just say "I want to go into law". This got me thinking that many teens, and children, perhaps want to go into law for reasons other than passion.

I personally want to go into law because I want to help people get their justice and help people when they need help. My family had to use Legal Aid when I was a very young child and it helped them, and I feel like I want to give that back. I also feel that my qualities (and flaws) are what are needed for this sort of thing. I consider myself to be intellectual, emotional and mentally mature, caring and articulate.

Why Teens Want a Law Profession If They Are Just a Young Version of a Fat Cat (Possibly)

1) Money. As far as the media and stereotypes are concerned, law pays well. And in some parts, it does. In Legal Aid, I have learnt, they are not fat cats and are not paid much! Ha, there are many jokes about heating, cramped spaces and many things amongst those lines. Which, personally, I'm fine with knowing and still have a passion. Many others would probably turn away!

2) It sounds good. People are impressed if someone says "Oh, I'm a [insert solicitor/barrister/judge/any other law job here]"! Many will do it for glory and pride.

3) Media. This one may sound funny, but it's true! Some want to get into the news.

Why Teens Want A Law Profession If They Actually Want To Seriously Have a Law Profession (Possibly)

Well, the main reasons I can see here are passion, opportunity and to help. I mean, personally, I obviously want a good job, as will many others, but that's not the main reason!

I can't vouch for everyone in this.

If I'm wrong, remember these are my opinions, and I am talking specifically about some people of my own age and generation. I have many friends who fit into the first category, and when I was thinking about this subject I just wanted to work out why teens these days want to go into law if they have no interest!


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  1. Once again demonstrating a wise head on young shoulders.


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