Justice is Crucial: Linked To Everyday Life

Tonight at youth club we heard the parable of the Rich Fool. Basically, there is a rich farmer, and he gets a lot of profit from his crops. So, he decided to sit down, and eat, drink and be merry. So God tells him he is a fool, and says he will die the very next day.

I’m actually eclectic (that means you take bits from different religions and piece together your own sort of faith). So, I’m part Christian, part Buddhist and part Pagan, if you want to think of it as parts. And possibly part Potterhead, cuz Potterism can be counted as a faith.
ANYWAY: WHY IS THIS LINKED TO SAVEUKJUSTICE AND NOTOPCT? I think we can link everything we do, everything we hear, to justice. Because, what I get from this story is not to be greedy, of course, but also, that we need to think about what we do. God gave him his shot at life, so I guess a chance to redeem himself by donating his money or crops, but he didn’t. Let’s call that indirect justice. Like, justice without some-one hearing you out. The farmer had a chance. But he did bad, and was a fool, so God had him die the next day.

My actual point of this post is that we can see justice in everything we do, whether we are schoolgirls, solicitors, teachers, members of the public, badgers or something like actors and singers. Justice is everywhere. That’s why it’s so crucial; if there was no justice, a lot of things would be different. Because even auditions could be counted as justice; the one who deserves it the most gets the role. In court, the one who wins gets the justice. At school, the one who argues could win if they are right or lie, or could lose for answering back. I’ve been in 2 of those 3 situations. I haven’t been in court, of course, but I’ve auditioned and been in situations at school.

So, we need justice just for this world to process. In everything we do, there is justice somewhere. It could be anything, but it’s somewhere. And we can’t deny it. So, Mr. Grayling, why don’t you just destroy the worlds’ systems. You do that. Not that it’s gonna happen, because #saveukjustice is gonna win. Yep. GONNA. Not COULD.

And on that rather childish note, goodnight. Stay tuned for a longer post on Sunday!


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