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Today is Magna Carta Day. The Magna Carta ws signed 800yrs ago today. So I figured I'd look into it further. 

I've touched on the Magna Carta a few times. 

In one post, I look at one of the clauses:-
  "So, I know that Mr. Grayling has breached a part of the Magna Carta. At school we did the Magna Carta, in History, but only studied the very main points. One of the bits we looked at was "justice will be given without delays or bribes". This isn't the exact part Mr. Grayling has breached, but this links in. Justice should always be given to a person who deserves it, with no delays, and justice should not be given to those who are guilty. That's not a complicated thing, is it? But if these big companies like Stobart take over, they will probably give justice unfairly. Mr. Grayling doesn't seem to have thought about this. I say probably, because we don’t know. But that’s just one point, right?" - Another clause was "we will not deny any man either Justice or Right" which goes to show that Mr. Grayling is literally undoing history. If he gets this proposal introduced, he will not only destroy justice, he will unravel 800 years worth of history. 

Because, the Magna Carta changed justice and society forever. If King John had refused to sign it, there probably wouldn't be any justice. There would be no need for lawyers or solicitors. Royal officials would make all the decisions for us. Favouritism, biasty, call it what you want That's what would happen. There could be bribery, too (shown in other para). No fairness. It seems that Mr. Grayling wants this to happen. I don't think he's thought out the long-term effects, personally. 

Last post, I wrote this...

"During this time period, the Magna Carta was also introduced. This says a lot about justice because King John wasn't giving anyone justice without delays or bribes, or with a fair trial. So when the Magna Carta was put together, they made sure to put a lot about justice into it. It is said that King John didn't actually READ the Magna Carta properly, which would explain why he actually signed it. Though, if he'd read it and not signed it, there would be no justice now. But wait! Oh yes, Mr. Grayling could throw the Magna Carta out of the window, couldn't he."- This seems to have reigned true, for Mr Grayling doesn't seem to want to amend anything. I mean, why wouldn't he want to be the one to go back on 800 odd years of history? Who wouldn't want to be hated throughout children's history books for years to come?

Actually, side thought: maybe Mr. Grayling is doing this to be in history. He breaks down history, then changes it. I think there should be a new version of the story about this, you know. Mr Grayling the evil lion....?

Back to the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta also says things about taxes and the church. Half of which have possibly already been broken. One is: taxes will not be changed without the barons and bishops agreeing so (not these exact words). This has basically been broken, but not in the same way; we no longer have barons, and bishops are placed differently in society now, so technically it has not been broken; it has been changed around due to a change in society. 

(The Magna Carta is one of my favourite bits of history, it really interests me, so I have written quite a bit on it throughout these last posts, sorry if that annoys anyone)

I actually feel for Mr. Grayling, in an odd sort of way. If this all goes through, in kid words, he's gonna get hated on. And look at we at #saveukjustice and #notopct are doing to him! He must feel so small, like a little slug when they get salted. Weird analogy. Sorry. 

So there we are. Happy Magna Carta Day, even though it's not like a holiday or anything, like Christmas. Ah well. Whatever. 


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