No To PCT: Lots of Links and a Few Words

Tomorrow will be the last of this week's NoToPCT post week. I will do some more NoToPCT posts but not as often. I'm sure some of you are sick of me now anyway!

These are some of my favourite articles/blog posts for NoToPCT that I have come across:

"The Child Pornographer"- A Barristers' Wife - probably my favourite of all the ones I have come across.

"The Right To Choose"- Crimsolicitor

"More Legal Aid Cuts"- Young Legal Aid Lawyers

"To Kill A Mockingbird"- ilegality

Those are my favourite four- there are many more you can view, find them on the Twitter.


The Twitter is full of links, rants and the Tweets are just awesome. Funny. 

There's also the Facebook, which is less funny, but informative. 

Find almost all of the SaveUKJustice Blog Posts here- I'm on there!

A Few Words...

So, I've been doing a ton of letter-writing, posting etc all week, and no, it wasn't a chore. I've had over 1000 views just this week! It's amazing, and actually rather surreal. I'm just a little 12 year old who decided to campaign. The support on the Facebook and Twitter has been phenomenal and the comments on here as well. So I want to thank all those who have commented, liked, RTed, favourited, and also thanks to Trevor for actually telling me at youth club. 

Ha I so sounded there like I'm stopping now. No, not at all. I'll still post, write, tell people, tweet. BUT less, cuz my education calls. On Monday I have to go to my Head Of Year and plee to her to let me out of school for a day to shadow. I have a good debate planned, I'm not worried. You know the stuff- the experience, it's after exams, I'm intelligent enough to copy up and be fine, etc etc. But yeah. I'm still here! You know, I think I'm pretty much the only under 16yr old involved. I don't know. Hmm. BUT ANYWAY, there's one more post tomorrow, it won't be much though. I am still here. Don't worry. 


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